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What we do

Experiences, Expertise, and a Whole Lot of Heart

360 Emotions is a Full Service Event planning company based in Orlando, Fl dedicated to helping clients create an event that is uniquely theirs. Our commitment to you is to provide exceptional service and support throughout the entire planning process, from our first chat all the way to the last piece of confetti falling!


Did you know we also incorporate the senses at your event?

By incorporating sensory experiences into an event or wedding, you can create a more immersive and memorable experience for your guests. It is important to consider the preferences and needs of your guests, and tailor the sensory elements accordingly to create a unique and personalized experience.


Manuela Goez

Manuela has passion for events. She got an Event Management degree and was certified by The Bridal Society.

But her experience goes beyond that, for the last 9 years she has learned the ins and outs of everything from catering, rentals, venues, hotels and of course wedding planning.You will always see her with her big smile and her positive energy to the point that it is contagious.


"Since I was a little girl I would find excuses to help my dad celebrate, organize, and design family and friends' special moments."



 Fun Facts


Favorite drink :Moscow Mule

Mother of a beautiful girl and

wild little boy

Loves to travel

Lead Planner

Andres Goez

Creator of 360 Emotions. Andres has a master degree in Industrial design. For the last 25 years his expertise has been as creative design, production, operation, assembly of entertainment concepts, amusements parks, and interactive experiences.


He has an eye for detail and beauty.


He is always seeking the satisfaction of the clients and with firm promise to always offer the best results and products. 


Fun Fact

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Father of three and enjoying now to be a grandfather

Loves nature

Lead Designer
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